Cottagers vs Core Gaming – story of the game

This time in English so that more people can know the history of yesterday’s qualifying matches for the Int League.

Judge for yourself the attitude and behavior of our opponents. A team founded in 2015, a team from the top of the German first division.

We started first game and one player was not loaded so we left the game, opponent said ok (as in the screen).

We forgot about that story and played two matches. Results 1:0 and 1:1 so we should qaulify to the next stage.

Then, unexpectedly, our opponent began to undermine the result of the match. It tuned out that they managed to score when we left (one freezed player was on the field). In fact most of us were not even aware of this situation. Only on stream did we manage to find out what happened:


They went to the admin and and you’ll never guess what … admin said that is ok when you scoring goal to the empty net because it is one of the rules. It doesn’t matter also what they said in discord coversation after we were kicked.

You can judge it yourself, was it fair play?.

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